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About Us
Hybrid-decentralized platform which aims to generate crypto to token holders daily while staking selective token.
Unlike other platforms, this rewards long term investors (diamond hands!) - the longer you stay, the more tokens you generate.
To generate BNB from diversified investment strategies as the “Money Tree” grows for existing as well as new holders.
As the platform grows, add other tokens for further diversification.
Why Choose Us
Community Driven
Making money is good, but making money together is even better. We choose to share our success with the world to enhance the living standards of communities, your families, and your bank accounts.
MoneyTree will increase transparency in transactions by providing detailed and weekly LiveStream or AMA via Discord and YOUTUBE, alternatively through BSC Scan of all transactions. We will be as transparent as possible while remaining competitive.
Generated profit
The profit generated (dividends) are accrued to your account on a weekly basis and in real-time. You can withdraw the dividends at any time.
Low transaction fees
Binance Smart Chain is cost effective, quick, and simple for all users.
How to get started
Set up Smart Chain onto Metamask
Connect Moneytree to Metamask
Deposit Funds